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Information Technology (IT) Consulting

Eliminating Risk, Delivering Rewards


Business is made up of both risks and rewards. Our experts understand how to minimize the risks and deliver the rewards while addressing your most critical Information Technology challenges. Great Tech Pros is a services-only firm, which means we are unbiased in providing assessments and recommendations and will not attempt to push a specific architecture or solution during our consulting engagement. Our goal with each client is to propose the right technology for your environment.

Our Plan Build Manage methodology is concentrated in four critical areas of IT:

IT Transformation

Our transformation process can fundamentally change the way you think about your entire operation and completely redefine your relationships with your customers, employees, distributors, and vendors. We offer our clients a full variety of solutions ranging from comprehensive strategic planning to complete web-based application customization.

IT Infrastructure

Our service-marked methodology, MapIT, provides our consulting team with a system of rules, principles, procedures and practices that guide the customized IT infrastructure solutions we develop. This includes “ground-up” technology infrastructure design, re-design of an existing environment, or simply optimize and support what you have.

IT Organization

We help clients define the role and mission of their IT organization, design more effective organization structures, improve governance, and identify new people-and talent management practices. We also help new corporate leaders set agendas, processes and short/long-term goals.

IT Sourcing

We develop overall IT and business-process sourcing strategies to help our clients develop partner relationships, agreements and/or contracts with select manufacturers/vendors. This enables organizations to optimally develop, manage and control vendor contracts, relationships and performance for the efficient delivery of.

Our clients value Great Tech Pros’ recognized strengths in strategy, organization, and operations. Contact us today regarding your next IT initiative and let us help you meet your business goals.